August 2016 Louisiana Floods

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Learn more about USGS flood activities related to the August 2016 Louisana Floods.

Rainfall across Louisiana including amounts above 30 inches in some locations resulted in record-setting flooding. With over $8 billion in expected damages, the USGS responded with streamgage repairs, high-water mark collection, streamflow measurements, and assistance for 7 USGS employees whose own homes were damaged by the floods.

USGS Flood Event Viewer for August 2016 in Louisiana

The Flood Event Viewer provides access to USGS monitoring activities for the August 2016 floods in Louisiana.

USGS Flood Event Viewer: USGS technicians and hydrologists, in partnership with FEMA, have collected hundreds of high-water marks and produce flood inundation maps. Click the image to enter the USGS Flood Event Viewer for this event.

Check out the published report: Characterization of Peak Streamflows and Flood Inundation of Selected Areas in Louisiana from the August 2016 Flood

FEMA disaster declaration (DR-4277): Incident period: August 11, 2016. Major Disaster Declaration declared on August 14, 2016.

Regional Flooding: After winter flooding blew out the cumulative runoff record for Louisiana, spring rains and August rains continued to press 2016 toward being the heaviest runoff record on record for Louisiana.

Visit USGS WaterWatch for current flood conditions and other tools to explore flood and drought.


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