April-May 2013 Midwest Floods

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Learn more about USGS flood activities related to the April-May 2013 Midwest Floods caused by heavy rainfall and late snow-melt in six states.

Heavy rainfall (locally as much at 8 inches in some locations) fell across parts of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana in mid-April, resulting in major flooding on several rivers. Late snow-melt in the northern midwest added to the flooding in late April and early May.

April-May 2013 Midwest floods

Observed 7-day precipition from April 21, 2013

The U.S. Geological Survey responded to the flooding with field crews from Water Science Centers across the region, ensuring gages continued to operate properly and making over 600 special streamflow measurements to verify accuracy of rating curves that enable USGS to translate stage into streamflow.


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