Columbia Plateau Regional aquifer system

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The Columbia Plateau regional aquifer system (CPRAS) covers parts of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. It consists primarily of three basalt formations separated by confining units.

WAUSP Columbia Plateau Regional Aquifer System photo 15

The primary aquifers of the Columbia Plateau regional aquifer system (CPRAS) are basaltic lava flows of the Columbia River Basalt Group and overlying basin-fill sediments. Generalized geologic units for the CPRAS include Overburden, Saddle Mountains Basalt, Mabton Interbed, Wanapum Basalt, Vantage Interbed, Grande Ronde Basalt, and Older Bedrock.

The data files listed below are supplemental to Three-dimensional model of the geologic framework for the Columbia Plateau Regional Aquifer System, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5246). The report includes a description of methods used to derive the data.


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