June 2014 floods in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa

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Learn more about USGS flood activities related to the June 2014 Floods in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

In June 2014, southeastern South Dakota received record amounts of rainfall, and parts of neighboring states also received excessive rainfall due to a series of severe storms. This area is an important agricultural region, and the heavy rainfall and accompanying hail damaged many of the recently planted corn and soybean crops. As rivers overran their banks, many roadways became impassable and the rising waters damaged many homes and businesses. Peak-of-record flows in northern Minnesota's Rainy River Basin kept USGS crews busy while record floods further south in the Big Sioux River Basin left their mark in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.


June 2014 floods in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa

Landsat images taken before (May 28) and during (June 21) the flood events of 2014. The second image clearly shows the Vermillion River and the Big Sioux River flooded over their banks. The lower right corner of the second image also has darker tones mixed throughout the agricultural areas (bright green). These darker tones suggest potential flood damage to the crops in this region.

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