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Hurricane Sally Water Footprint

Hurricane Sally Water Footprint


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U.S. Water Use

U.S. Water Use


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The visualizations listed here have received awards or special recognition.  A full list of our products is available further below on the page.

U.S. Water Use

Shifts in Fish Habitat Under Climate Change

Drought in the Colorado River Basin

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Water data visualizations are provocative visuals and captivating stories that inform, inspire, and empower people to address our Nation's most pressing water issues. USGS data science and visualization experts use visualizations to communicate water data in compelling and often interactive ways when static images or written narrative can’t effectively communicate the interconnectivity and complexity of a water data issue.

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U.S. River Conditions, July to September 2020

U.S. River Conditions, April to June 2020

USGS stream gages in the United States over time.

U.S. River Conditions, January to March 2020

National Integrated Water Availability Assessments concept map

U.S. Water Use

U.S. River Conditions From October to December 2019

U.S. River Conditions From January to June 2019 Data Visualization

 US River Conditions for Water Year 2018

Hurricane Maria's Water Footprint

Hurricane Irma's Water Footprint

Hurricane Harvey's Water Footprint

Visualizing Water Use by Region and Time

Hurricane Matthew's Water Footprint

Climate change is decreasing walleye populations and increasing large mouth bass populations in WI lakes.

Microplastics, plastic particles less than 5 millimeters in diameter, are a water contaminant of emerging concern.

Drought in the Colorado River Basin: Insights using open data

California drought visualized with open data.