Water-Use Data and Research program: Completed State workplans

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Under the Water-Use Data and Research (WUDR) program, workplans are developed by States to evaluate their current water-use data in relation to USGS baseline standards for each category of water user and develop a workplan to improve it.


  • describe State water-use program
  • outline State priorities for improving water-use data
  • list steps proposed to address priorities, preferably in respect to the baseline standards
  • have no specific format or length
  • must be submitted and approved prior to State receiving funds for any competitive awards

Workplan funding

  • Non-competitive amounts of $26,000 per State are available for States that have not completed a workplan.  Please contact the WUDR Coordinator for more information.
  • Funds can be used to support any activity that results in workplan development.
  • States may prepare workplans without requesting funding and may apply for future competitive awards after the workplan is approved.


    Completed State workplans

    Center pivot irrigation system in Arizona, USA

    Center-pivot spray irrigation system, Arizona.