Water-Use Data and Research program: Proposals and awards

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Water-Use Data and Research (WUDR) financial assistance is awarded in a competitive process each Federal Fiscal Year. The funding cycle begins with the WUDR Program Announcement being made available on Grants.gov. State water resources agencies can then prepare proposals for improving their water-use data under the priorities described in an approved workplan. All submitted proposals are reviewed and scored by a Technical Committee using criteria in the Program Announcement, then decisions are made on that year's awards.



The 2021 awards cycle is complete. Proposal due date was May 13, 2021.  For FY 2022, a program announcement will occur on Grants.gov with an approximate start date for the announcement of December 2021, pending Congressional approval. Please check back for more details or attend the Open Forum webinars for updates.

Over the life of this WUDR program, a State is capped at a total award of $250,000 under the SECURE Water Act authorization. While each award must go to a single State, States are urged to coordinate their applications to better leverage efforts to improve water-use methods, data, and data sharing. State agencies can submit proposals for funding of between $24,000 and $125,000, and projects can be for 1 to 2 years in duration.

Data collected with WUDR funding must be made available to the USGS. Data transfer guidance is available.

Before applying for a competitive funding award, the State must have an approved workplan which outlines State priorities for improving water-use data. If you have questions on completing a workplan, please contact the WUDR Coordinator. Additionally, viewing completed State workplans from other States and Territories can be beneficial for outlining a new State workplan. 


Program announcements on Grants.gov

The full program announcement is available under the Related Documents tab in the grant opportunity postings.


Program awards


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