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2015 Water Use Data Now Available

Estimated 2015 water-use data is now available in a variety of formats.

USGS News Release |  USGS Publications (Circular , Fact Sheet
USGS ScienceBase-Catalog  |  National Water Information System (NWIS)
Maps: Freshwater Use 1950 - 2015  |  Water Use by Category/State/County 

Estimated total U.S. freshwater use for 2015, declined slightly from 2010, and remains below the peak use in 1980. (Interactive Graph)

Georgia, North and South Carolina followed the national trend of declining freshwater use:

                     Freshwater Use, million gallons per day (Mgal/d)
                                 2010                        2015
Georgia                    4,271                        3,045
North Carolina          9,287                       7,678
South Carolina          6,644                       6,037


Water use in the Georgia, North and South Carolina, along with the eastern half of the country, is predominately used for Thermoelectric cooling and steam generation. Public supply, irrigation and industrial account for the majority of the remaining water use.

National Water Use Map 2015
National Water Use Map 2015(Public domain.)


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