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Jaime A Painter


Project work has focused on regional and national water-use assessments through the assimilation of water withdrawal data and supporting information representing multiple temporal and spatial scales. Research and applications have primarily been directed toward water used for agriculture regionally in Georgia, the Carolinas and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, as well as for the conterminous United States. Incorporating the relations between decisions to use water in a particular place and time and the hydrologic processes and socio-economic drivers behind those decisions with known water withdrawal data is critical for informed water-use predictions and accurate and reliable water-use estimates in places where water withdrawals are unknown. As USGS Water-Use Program Manager, I help establish strategic plans to allow for the USGS to have the capability to compile, estimate, and predict reliable and accurate water-use at multiple spatial and temporal scales for key water-use categories for all States and territories. Knowing the amount of water society is using today and needs for the future where climate varies, and land-use and population changes is critical to understanding water availability and to assure that future water needs can be met.