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Greater Sage-Grouse Science (2015-2017): Synthesis and Potential Management Implications

At the request of the BLM, the USGS worked with federal and state agency partners to develop a report that synthesizes the scientific literature published since records of decision were completed for 2015 BLM/USDA Forest Service land use plan amendments for greater sage-grouse, and provides potential management implications of the science.

The interagency team identified six primary topic areas, reviewed all the material in the “Annotated bibliography of scientific research on sage-grouse published since January 2015” to identify the science that addressed the topics, discussed the science related to each topic, evaluated the consistency of the science with existing knowledge prior to 2015, and summarized the potential management implications of this science. The topics addressed in this report include: multiscale habitat suitability and mapping tools; discrete anthropogenic activities; diffuse activities; fire and invasive species; restoration effectiveness; population estimation and genetics.

Hanser, S.E., Deibert, P.A., Tull, J.C., Carr, N.B., Aldridge, C.L., Bargsten, T.C., Christiansen, T.J., Coates, P.S., Crist, M.R., Doherty, K.E., Ellsworth, E.A., Foster, L.J., Herren, V.A., Miller, K.H., Moser, A., Naeve, R.M., Prentice, K.L., Remington, T.E., Ricca, M.A., Shinneman, D.J., Truex, R.L., Wiechman, L.A., Wilson, D.C., Bowen, Z.H., 2018, Greater sage-grouse science (2015–17)—Synthesis and potential management implications: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 1028-1017, p. 46,

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