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Maine Networks Section Spring Update

The Maine SW/GW (Surface-Water/Groundwater) Networks Section has been busy this spring- confirming our equipment is working properly after the winter, making high flow measurements to confirm our stage-discharge relationships and preparing for upcoming summer projects. 

Hydrologic technician Jeremiah Pomerleau at our GW monitoring station at Middle Dam, Maine. Jeremiah used the UTV to access the remote site and confirm reported water levels were accurate. This data is useful for monitoring spring recharge and tracking potential drought conditions. Check out the latest data from the site here.

USGS scientist in winter clothing is inserting tool into groundwater well in the middle of a snowy field. A utility terrain vehi
Hydrologic Technician inspecting the USGS groundwater site monitoring equipment. (Credit: Jeremiah Pomerleau, U.S. Geological Survey. Public domain.)


Andy Cloutier visited station 01069500 Mousam River near West Kennebunk, Maine recently to make a low flow measurement. This wasn’t any low flow measurement, but the lowest ever made in the 57 year period the USGS has been collecting data there! In the hydrograph below, there is a sudden drop in flow due to regulation upstream. Andy confirmed our stage-discharge rating was accurate (see the red dots?) and got the honor of having the lowest measured flow at the site.

The Mousam River as viewed from a bridge in mid-April. There is little to no ice cover.
Mousam River at West Kennebunk in mid-April 2021. The photo shows the river looking downstream from the gaging station 01069500. (Credit: Andrew Cloutier, U.S. Geological Survey. Public domain.)
Graph shows unit value discharge from USGS station 01069500 for the month of April 2021
The graph shows unit value discharge from USGS station 01069500 for the month of April 2021. (Public domain.)

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