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December 7, 2018

Laura Norman's Aridland Water Harvesting Study helps lead a tour of a restoration and monitoring project at the Boy Scouts of America, Heard Scout Pueblo (HSP) in Phoenix, Arizona.

rock dam
A rock dam (Laura M Norman, USGS. Public domain.)

On December 7th, USGS Scientists from WGSC and AZWSC helped provide a tour of a restoration and monitoring project at the Boy Scouts of America, Heard Scout Pueblo (HSP) in Phoenix, Arizona, being done with partners from the Bureau of Reclamation and Natural Channel Design. Rock Grade Control Structures were installed within a low-flow ephemeral channel located in alluvial deposits at the base of South Mountain in a degraded region of the HSP property currently used for camping. Hydrologic research is being conducted pre- and post- installation to assess impact on flood flows and sediment transport. Field trip attendees included colleagues from the  Flood Control District of Maricopa County, City of Phoenix Parks Dept., Gila River Indian Community, South Mountain Environmental Education Center, Sky Island Alliance, and the Museum of Northern Arizona.


Sign explaining rock dam installations. (Laura M Norman, USGS. Public domain.)


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