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Prepare for Volcanic Activity

Questions you may be asked during an eruption, actions to be ready, resources to making a survival plan and kit, and more.

Mount Rainier rises above Tacoma, Washington and boat harbor, which...
Mount Rainier rises above Tacoma, Washington and boat harbor, which may be impacted during the next eruption of the volcano. (Credit: Driedger, Carolyn. Public domain.)

During an eruption, you might be asked to:

  1. Evacuate due to lahars or thick ash fall, or...
  2. Shelter in place due to ash fall. or...
  3. Keep informed and help others in need.


Be Ready

  • Learn—Learn about volcano hazard zones and evacuation routes. Know how to access this information during a crisis.
  • Inquire—Ask local and state emergency offices and schools about their plans. Be ready to follow official guidance.
  • Prepare—Gather basic emergency provisions (visit Resources). Establish a plan to reunite with family if you are separated. Don't forget your pets!


Make a Safety Plan and a Survival Kit.

Family Emergency Preparedness Plan (Public domain.)

To live safely and more comfortably with volcanic ash fall, prepare a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan, and add these items to the described emergency preparedness kit:

  • Recommended paint or respiratory mask ; goggles for working outside.
  • For people with existing respiratory difficulties, extra medication and oxygen required to live in dusty conditions.
  • Spare contact lenses, cleaning solution, eye glasses.
  • Plastic and tape to seal ash out of your house during extreme ash fall.

Visit the Get Involved webpagesCVO Education webpages, and Ash Website for ideas about how to prepare your family and your community.


Be informed. Make a plan. Build a kit.

Educate and protect your family, neighbors, and friends.