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E.7 Publications Warehouse

E. Extended Guidance and Specific Products


E.7.1. How are USGS information products cataloged in and made available from the USGS Publications Warehouse?

Upon completion of the dissemination task for an information product in the IPDS, bibliographic metadata are transferred from the IPDS to the Publications Warehouse for creating product citation pages. Therefore, accurate and complete bibliographic information for each product, including the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if assigned, must be entered in the IPDS, and the dissemination task must be completed in a timely manner to facilitate accurate and efficient cataloging and indexing in the Publications Warehouse. Publications Warehouse citation pages are web landing pages for the catalog records that contain bibliographic metadata and associated links for each information product.

E.7.2. What types of information products are cataloged in the USGS Publications Warehouse?

The Publications Warehouse catalog includes, but is not limited to, citation pages for USGS publication series as described in SM 1100.3, outside publications as described in SM 1100.4 (such as journal articles, books, book chapters, other government and nongovernment publications, cooperator publications, and conference proceedings) prepared by USGS and other authors, and extramural publications. Extramural publications are produced by non-USGS authors whose research and publications are funded in whole or in part by the USGS.

E.7.3. What types of information products are not cataloged in the Publications Warehouse?

Information products outside the scope of the Publications Warehouse, such as abstracts, posters, presentations, data releases, and software releases, are not cataloged in the Publications Warehouse.

E.7.4. What types of information products are available in full text from the Publications Warehouse?

Full text information products published by the USGS, such as USGS series publications, are provided for download from the Publications Warehouse. The USGS Library digitizes print-only publications published by the USGS and makes them available online. The Publications Warehouse also provides links to cooperators' and external publishers’ websites that provide the full text of USGS-authored publications when the links are available.

E.7.5. How does the Publications Warehouse handle data releases?

Data release information product records are not cataloged as standalone citation pages in the Publications Warehouse. The official catalog for USGS data releases is the USGS Science Data Catalog.

However, links to data releases associated with a companion publication are added to the associated publication’s citation page in the Publications Warehouse.

E.7.6. Does the Publications Warehouse contain an author’s entire body of work, including information products that they authored before or after their employment with USGS?

No, the Publications Warehouse only contains information products prepared by authors who are affiliated with the USGS when the work was performed. USGS authors can capture their entire body of work on their ORCID iD profiles. Additional guidance about ORCID iDs for USGS authors is available on the FSP Section A frequently asked questions page.

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