Data Management

Using Data Quality Indicators: Examples

The quality of individual measurement or observation data should not be hidden in metadata or documentation associated with a dataset. Rather, indicators of quality or usability can and should be stored with the data themselves in separate fields or columns.

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  • A comment field added to any table can be used to explain the quality and validity of unusual values ("high winds were measured during a hurricane", or "this value appears to be an outlier, but was validated as matching an extremely high discharge at the stream location")
  • Value qualifier codes to indicate censored values (< and >) and estimated or interpolated values, stored in a separate field adjacent to the numeric value field they qualify
  • Revision of terminology for Data-Quality Indicator Codes in NWIS 5.2: indicating the review and approval status of numeric values (pdf) [Link Verified November 30, 2017]
  • Geocode Quality Code Details: Mapquest API Quality Codes [Link Verified November 30, 2017]
  • Claim Adjustment Reason Codes: Health Industry Standard [Link Verified November 30, 2017]