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About the USGS Data Management Website

The USGS Data Management Website describes guidance, best practices, and tools for data management. 
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General Information  

The USGS Scientific Data Lifecycle Model serves as a framework for the content. The website consolidates data management resources into a single point of access and helps users understand best practices for various aspects of data management. Additionally, the Website provides information for how researchers can meet requirements in the USGS Survey Manual Chapters related to data management. In 2013, the Website was awarded the USGS Shoemaker Award for Communications Excellence.

Use the Data Management Website to learn how to:

  • create a data management plan
  • create and review compliant metadata records
  • assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to publications and data
  • preserve and archive digital data and physical samples
  • publish and share data to promote discoverability, access, and reuse
  • view introductory data management training modules


Who can use the USGS Data Management Website? 

The Website is publicly accessible to all interested.


Who manages the USGS Data Management Website? 

The USGS Data Management Website is funded and managed by the Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) Science Data Management Branch (SDM). SDM provides Bureau-wide leadership to optimize and share USGS science data management practices and workflows. SDM designs, supports, and builds community around enterprise tools and services that align with the USGS Science Data Lifecycle to ensure scientific data are fully described, preserved, and publicly accessible.


What is the contact information for the USGS Data Management Website? 

To learn more about USGS data management activities, including the USGS CDI Data Management Working Group, please send an email to


How should the USGS Data Management Website be cited? 

U.S. Geological Survey, 2023, USGS Data Management Website: U.S. Geological Survey,


Who has contributed to the USGS Data Management Website? 

The USGS Data Management Website was initially developed with funding from the Community for Data Integration (CDI) in fiscal years 2011 and 2012. The original project team consisted of principal investigators Heather S. Henkel, Vivian B. Hutchison, and Lisa Zolly with collaboration from Michelle Y. Chang, Rebecca Uribe, and Trent Faust. Over the years, small subteams from the CDI Data Management Working Group have formed to add and improve content for the USGS Data Management Website. Content contributions have been made from the following individuals:

Heather S. Henkel, Lisa Zolly, Vivian B. Hutchison, Steven Tessler, Michelle Y. Chang, Thomas Burley, Cassandra Ladino, John Pearce, Ellyn Montgomery, Jordan Read, John Hutchinson, Lance Everette, Lynda Lastowka, Madison L. Langseth, Tamar Norkin, Matthew Cannister, Cynthia Rachol, Keith Kirk, Carol Reiss, Tammy Fancher, Natalie Latysh, Edward Olexa, Julie Binder Maitra, Andrew Lamotte, Rose Cunningham, Kim Kloecker, JC Nelson, Christina Bartlett, Larry Reedy, Tara Bell, Elizabeth Sellers, and Peter Schweitzer