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A-Z Index

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acceptable digital repositories, Repositories 

access controls, Access Controls and Copyrights 

access provisions, Data Sharing Agreements 

accessibility, Process and Analyze - Closely Related Activities 

analysis, Process and Analyze - Closely Related Activities 

archive, ArchivingRepositories 

Asset Identifier Service (AIS), Data Release, Data Catalogs, Digital Object Identifiers, Metadata Creation

authoritative data source, Data Acquisition Methods 

authority, Data Sharing Agreements 

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backups, ArchivingBackup & Secure 

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catalog, Data Catalogs 

categorization, Keywords 


     for authors, Data Management PlansData Release 

     for center directors, Data Release 

     for reviewers, Data Release 

     for supervisors, Data Release 

Coastal and Marine Geoscience Data System (CMGDS), Repositories 

collaborative agreements, Data Sharing Agreements 

confidentiality, Data Sharing Agreements 

Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM), Metadata CreationMetadata Review 

controlled vocabularies, Keywords 

conversion, Data Acquisition MethodsProcess 

copyright, Access Controls and Copyright 

CrossRef, Digital Object Identifiers 

CURATE Checklists, USGS Data Management Resources 

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data acquisition, Data Acquisition Methods 

data assessment, Manage Quality 

data catalog, Data Catalogs 

data citation, Data CitationData ReleaseDigital Object Identifiers 

data collection, Data Acquisition Methods 

data completeness, Data Acquisition Methods 

Data Curation Primers, USGS Data Management Resources 

data dictionary, Data DictionariesMetadata Creation 

data entry, Data Templates 

data integration, Data DictionariesWhy Manage Data 

data lifecycle, Data Lifecycle 

Data Management Body of Knowledge, USGS Data Management Resources 

data management plan, Data Management PlansData ReleaseHow does a QAP compare with a DMP 

data management planning, Training 

data management strategy, Data Management Plans 

data manager, Stewardship 

data model, Quality by Design 

data portal, Data Catalogs 

data publication, Data Release, ORCIDs

data quality, Process and Analyze – Closely Related Activities 

data quality indicators, Manage Quality 

data release, Data ReleaseTraining 

data repository, Data Release 

data review, Data Release 

data schema, Quality by Design 

data sharing, Data Acquisition MethodsTrainingWhy Share Your Data 

data sharing agreements, Data Sharing Agreements 

data standards, Data StandardsStewardship 

data steward, Stewardship 

data stewardship, Stewardship 

data templates, Data Templates 

data use license agreement, Data Sharing Agreements, Data Catalogs 

DataCite, Digital Object Identifiers 

derivation, Process 

design constraints, Quality by Design 

digital object identifiers, Digital Object IdentifiersData CitationData ReleaseMetadata Creation 

disclaimers, Data ReleaseData Sharing Agreements 

disposition, Disposition 

documentation, Metadata CreationAnalyzeProcess and Analyze – Closely Related Activities,  Manage QualityProcess 

domain management, Manage Quality 

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Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS), Repositories 

efficiency, Process and Analyze – Closely Related Activities 

endangered species, Proprietary and Sensitive Data 

entity and attributes, Data Dictionaries 

exit survey, USGS Science Data Exit Survey 

extraction, Process 

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Federal record, Disposition 

file formats, File Formats 

file organization, Organize Files and Data 

FOIA, Access Controls and CopyrightData Acquisition MethodsData Sharing AgreementsWhy Manage Data 

form validation, Data Templates 

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identifiers for people, ORCIDs

image analysis, Analyze 

Information Quality Act, Why Manage Data 

integration, Process 

inter-agency agreements, Data Sharing Agreements 

International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Metadata CreationMetadata Review 

interpretation, Analyze 

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keywords, KeywordsMetadata Creation 

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laws, Why Manage Data 

legacy data, Data Acquisition Methods 

licensing, Access Controls and CopyrightData Acquisition Methods 

lifecycle, Data Lifecycle 

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mdEditor, Metadata Creation 

memorandum of understanding, Data Sharing Agreements 

metadata, Metadata CreationMetadata ReviewData ReleaseData CatalogsTraining 

     documenting data quality, Manage Quality 

     documenting keywords, Keywords 

     documenting persistent identifiers, Digital Object Identifiers 

     documenting process steps, ProcessWorkflow Capture 

Metadata Parser, Metadata CreationMetadata Review 

metadata review, Metadata ReviewData Release 

metadata submission, Data Catalogs 

Metadata Wizard, Metadata CreationMetadata Review 

Microsoft XML Notepad, Metadata Creation 

modeling, Analyze 

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naming conventions, Organize Files and Data 

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Disposition 

National Water Information System (NWIS), Repositories 

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open data formats, Data Release 


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Paperwork Reduction Act, Why Manage Data 

permanent records, Disposition 

persistent identifiers, Digital Object IdentifiersData CitationData Release, ORCIDs

plan, Data Management Plans 

policies, Why Manage Data 

portal, Data Catalogs 

preservation, File FormatsUSGS Science Data Exit Survey 

process documentation, Workflow Capture 

processing, ProcessProcess and Analyze – Closely Related Activities 

project documentation, Data Management Plans 

project management, Data Management Plans 

proprietary data, Access Controls and CopyrightData Management PlansData Sharing Agreements,  Proprietary and Sensitive Data 

purchase agreements, Data Acquisition Methods 

purchasing data, Data Acquisition Methods 

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quality assurance, Manage QualityData Templates 

quality assurance plan, Manage QualityHow does a QAP compare with a DMP 

quality control, Manage Quality 

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records management, Disposition 

reference data, Manage Quality 

reformatting, Process 

repository, RepositoriesArchiving 

reproducibility, Process and Analyze – Closely Related ActivitiesWorkflow Capture 

reproducible notebooks, Workflow Capture 

retention schedules, Disposition 

retirement, USGS Science Data Exit Survey 

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Science Data Catalog, Data CatalogsData Release 

science data lifecycle, Data LifecycleTraining 

ScienceBase, RepositoriesTraining 

ScienceBase, data release workflow, Data Release 

security, Backup & SecureData Acquisition Security Requirements 

sensitive data, Access Controls and CopyrightBackup & SecureData Management Plans,  Proprietary and Sensitive DataStewardship 

software review, Process 

spatial analysis, Analyze 

standards, Data StandardsProcessMetadata Creation 

statistics, Analyze 

structuring data releases, Training 

stylesheet, Metadata Creation 

subsetting, Process 

summarization, Process 

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templates, Data TemplatesData Management Plans 

thesauri, Keywords 

threatened species, Proprietary and Sensitive Data 

title, Metadata Creation 

Trusted Digital Repository, Repositories 

TKME, Metadata Creation 

tools, Data Management Plans 

training modules, Training 

transformation, Data Acquisition MethodsProcess 

transparency, Process and Analyze – Closely Related ActivitiesWorkflow Capture 

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U.S. Department of the Interior Data Catalog, Data Catalogs 

USDA Metavist, Metadata Creation 

USGS Model Catalog, Modeling, Data Catalogs

USGS Public Access Plan, Data Release 

USGS Science Data Exit Survey, USGS Science Data Exit Survey 

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validation, data, ProcessQuality by Design 

validation, metadata, Metadata Creation 

visualization, Analyze 

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web services, Process 

workflows, Process and Analyze – Closely Related ActivitiesWorkflow Capture 

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