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NSHMP Workshops

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page about the content of presentations linked from here.

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Upcoming Workshops

The NSHMP is currently planning a series of public workshops for the Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023 to present the 2023 NSHM draft model results. Dates for these workshops will be posted here, once finalized.


Earthquake Rupture Forecasting Virtual Workshops

  • Wed Nov 30th 10am to 1pm Mt time: 
    Introductory Overview of Model, Status, Process, & Web-based Resources 
  • Wed Dec 7th 11am to 2 pm Mt time:  
    Fault & Deformation Models & Paleoseismic Recurrence Intervals (CA and Wastach) 
  • Thur Dec 15th 10am to 1pm Mt time:  
    Gridded Seismicity Models & Scaling Relationships 
  • Fri Jan 6th 11am to 2pm Mt time:  
    Inversion Fault System Solutions 
  • Fri Jan 13th 11am to 2pm Mt time: 
    CEUS Fault-based Sources (including NM) 
  • Fri Jan 20th 10am to 1pm Mt time:  
    Cascadia Subduction Model 
  • Mon Jan 23 10am to 1pm Mt time:  
    Overview of Final Draft Model 

Please contact Ned Field or Julie Herrick for more information.

Past Workshops

Workshops for the 2023 50-State Update of the NSHMs

Workshops for the 2021 Hawaii Hazard Maps

Workshops for the 2018 National Hazard Maps

Workshops Before 2018


The U.S. Geological Survey produces National Seismic Hazard Maps that are the basis of seismic provisions of building design codes, earthquake insurance rate structures, and other public policy decision-making tools. Because of the significant safety and financial implications of these maps, they are held to a high level of scrutiny by earthquake engineering and science experts. The National Seismic Hazard Mapping Project, which has responsibility for the maps, has undertaken an extensive process to update these maps. We hold regional and topical open workshops across the country to solicit new information, to discuss potential changes, and to build consensus on the best available science. Workshop participants are welcome to show any information relevant to the topic of seismic hazard in the United States. The workshop presentations inform the community of the current methods, models, and data that are being considered in the update and provide credit to the presenters for their contributions. Moreover, these presentations are important in describing the current state of practice and in providing a historical context of prevalent thoughts of the hazard community at the time the maps are developed. However, all of the information shown at the workshop is pre-decisional, and not all of the information has been published or even reviewed. It is important for individuals accessing the workshop section of this website to understand that the workshop information is not endorsed by the USGS. A similar disclaimer also applies to un-reviewed USGS presentations that typically display impacts of a suite of alternative weighted models on the seismic hazard maps. These presentations are shown for informational purposes only; the models shown in the presentations will not necessarily be included in the final maps. Final hazard maps will rely on published information, and the documentation will be available after formal review, approval, and release as a publication.