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Gravity data and geophysical gradient data of the Stockton 30 x 60 minute quadrangle, California

This data release presents point data associated with the geologic and geophysical maps of the Stockton 30 x 60 minute quadrangle, California. Data include principal fact information for new gravity measurements collected by the U.S. Geological Survey from 2015 to 2018 and for existing gravity data. Gravity and magnetic gradients were also calculated in the Stockton 30 x 60 minute quadrangle, Cali

Aeromagnetic Data and horizontal gradient maxima of Garlock, California, and Surrounding Areas in California

This data release provides access to an aeromagnetic survey and magnetization boundaries over Garlock, California and surrounding areas in southern California. The survey extends from the city of Bakersfield across the southern Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi Mountains and west over Indian Wells Valley and the towns of Mojave and Rosamond to just northwest of the town of Barstow. These data were acqui

Zircon U-Pb data for ash-fall tuffs and sandstones of the Cenozoic Amargosa Valley and Bat Mountain Formations exposed on Bat Mountain, southern Funeral Mountains, California, USA

This document includes two suites of zircon U-Pb data that establish a detailed chronostratigraphy for Cenozoic strata exposed on Bat Mountain of the southern Funeral Mountains, California, USA. The first suite of data includes detrital zircon U-Pb age distributions that characterize the maximum depositional age and provenance of five sandstone samples from the Oligocene-Miocene Amargosa Valley Fo

Digital subsurface database of previously published well tops, structural features, and contour maps of the Inyan Kara Group, Minnekahta Formation, Minnelusa Formation, Madison Group, and Deadwood Formation, Black Hills region, South Dakota and Wyoming

This digital data release presents multiple previously published elements of the structural configuration of the Black Hills regional subsurface. The original data within this geodatabase is sourced from multiple U.S. Geological Survey Open File Reports into the hydrology of the Black Hills, stored on the USGS Water Mission Area NSDI Node (Driscoll, 1992; Strobel et al., 1999; Williamson et al., 2

Microfossil, grain size, and petrographic data for the Cabin Branch and Cabin Creek (Cappy Avenue) outcrops, Prince George's County, Maryland

The Cabin Branch and Cabin Creek (Cappy Avenue) outcrops are located along two small creeks in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Cabin Branch outcrop contains exposures of silty sands of the Upper Cretaceous Severn Formation, and both outcrops contain Paleocene silty quartz and glauconitic sands of the Danian Brightseat Formation and highly fossiliferous glauconitic quartz sands of the Selandi

Digital database of geologic units, contacts, and faults for Mineral Resource Potential Map of the Turtle Mountains Wilderness Study Area, San Bernardino County, California (U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1713-B, 1988, Plate 1)

This map geodatabase digitally represents the general distribution of bedrock geologic map units in the Turtle Mountains area, California, as portrayed in Plate 1 of USGS Bulletin 1713-B, Mineral resources of the Turtle Mountains Wilderness Study Area, San Bernardino County, California (1988), The map covers parts of the Rice, Turtle Mountains, and Savahia Peak 15’

Spatial data from An Inventory of U.S. Geological Survey Three-Dimensional Geologic Models, Volume 1, 2004–2022

Within the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), three-dimensional (3D) geologic models are created as part of geologic framework studies, to support energy, minerals, or water resource assessments, and to inform geologic hazard assessments. Such models are often used within the organization as digital input into process and predictive models. 3D geological modeling typically supports research and projec

Digital data of the previously published geologic map showing configuration of the bedrock, North Platte, 1 degree x 2 degrees quadrangle, Nebraska

This digital data release contains previously published geologic data compiled for the North Platte 250k quadrangle, a region in west-central Nebraska largely covered by Quaternary deposits, with exposures of Tertiary Ogallala and Brule formations in the southern portion of the study area. Geologic map data were compiled for the purposes of digitizing the geologic data as part of the National Coop

Deep (15-second) seismic reflection profiles CC-1 and CC-2 extending from the eastern California Coast Ranges across the Great Valley into the Sierran foothills at about latitude 37.25 Degrees N

This data release contains deep seismic reflection profiles CC-1 and CC-2, which extend eastward from within the California Coast Ranges across the Great Valley and into the Sierran foothills, with a combined east-west length of about 140 km at about the latitude of the town of Merced (37.25° north latitude). The records are processed to 15 seconds two-way time and thus extend deep into th

Digital database of the previously published map showing geology, structure, and oil and gas fields in the Sterling 1 degree x 2 degrees quadrangle, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas

This release contains geospatial data digitized from the Map Showing Geology, Structure, and Oil and Gas Fields in the Sterling 1x2 Degree Quadrangle, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas (Scott, 1978) and was compiled as part of the National Geologic Synthesis project. The geospatial data depicts the geology of this quadrangle, which is dominated by Quaternary alluvial and aeolian deposits overlying Te

X-ray Fluorescence Geochemistry of Columbia River Basalt Group Rocks in the Western Columbia River Gorge

This table contains geochemical data collected for whole-rock samples from the Columbia River Basalt Group in the western Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington. Most samples were collected by Russell C. Evarts and Richard M. Conrey from 2002 to 2014. Samples were collected during traverses along roads, streams, ridgecrests, and other areas as part of ongoing geologic mapping. Additional sa

Sr concentrations and 87Sr/86Sr data used to determine the Sr-chronostratigraphic age of sirenian fossils on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California, USA

This data release includes a table of Sr concentrations and 87Sr/86Sr data used to evaluate primary seawater isotope compositions of marine invertebrate shell material used to estimate the Sr-chronostratigraphic age of sediments hosting early Miocene sirenian fossils on Santa Rosa Island of the Channel Island National Park, Ventura County, California