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EORES Release 9.0.0 User Release Notes

EORES is a relational database system architecture that provides an integrated web-enabled tool for end users to store EO user requirements, value tree information, and EO system capabilities and performance information. End users can display, edit, browse, and maintain this information using a graphical user interface as well as export any data that are in the architecture.

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Feature Additions

  • EORES has been ported to PHP 8.2.7, with 8.2.x active support through Dec 2024. The Zend framework has been ported to the latest Laminas framework which is actively supported. This applies to both End Users and Admin Users.
  •  Updated with R8.7.3 patches for the End Users.
    • fixed the disabled delete trashcan button and pop-up title for newly created POH nodes.
    • removed the calendar pop-up from product elicitation date in display mode.
    • fixed the "logged in as guest" message that appeared before actually logging into the system.
  • Fixed EOR/EOS export spreadsheet picklists to absolute named ranges so all names get included in the drop-downs for the End User.
    • VTW import will reject a branch definition if the parent node branch is not defined (i.e. cannot define A->B->C unless A->B is defined first in the spreadsheet).
    • fixed EOR Strategic Hierarchy filter to load business unit tree without error.
    • fixed EOS text search to search the cost source field without error.
    • fixed Person filter to filter on POH without error.
    • fixed saving filters.
  • Fixed EOR import of Key Dates for the End User.
    • fixed EOR import import of new Person records with POC connections.
  • Filtering DS by Product filter group options for the End User returns matching DS (i.e. the products themselves that match) rather than the DS that have parent products matching.
  • Fixed the Data Source Group administration dialogs for the Admin User to cleanup properly whan the [X] close button is used (and the dialog works properly when re-opened).
    •  fixed the Overall Satisfaction Score range to prevent scores over 99, also added range checks to the Add DS dialog.
  • The following are fixes for the End User.
    • eos import of country / code fix -- must match (reported by Jordan)
    • eos import of attributes with units -- must have units (reported by Jordan)
    • create DS dialog validation errors displayed. name length check -- fix for SQL error (reported by Dan G.)
    • EP edit styling updates (more room for name, etc)
    • Prod edit, OSS range set to 1-99, was 0-100 (reported by Jordan)
    • struck out (deleted) Key Dates are not validated, just deleted (reported by Dan G.)
    • new Key Date records import without error (reported by Jordan)
    • date type admin fix -- (reported by Jordan)
    • several dialog pop-up clean up fixes (memory leaks)
    • EOR key date validation error message fix (e.g. valid date but out of EORES range)
    • EO network parent change dialog fix
    • VT top-of-tree node parent change fix (reported by Dan G)
  • DS browse will allow multiple scores of a DS on a product for an End User if they're included in different groups.
    •  EOR/EOS import of documents has been updated to manage records better to avoid SQL constraint errors (e.g. using an existing ACTIVE connection to re-connect a previously disconnected document).
  • Fixed the show platform / sensor / EP details buttons for the End User.
  • Retightened detail rows for the End User.
    • fix to "Add New" button on "Select documentation record(s) to attach" dialog.
  • The Doc ID has been added to the selection dialog for the End User.

Bug Fixes

  • None.

Web Services Impacts

  • None.

Compatibility may be impacted

  • None.