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RCA-EO provides analytical tools and results enabling informed decision making by leaders at all levels.

RCA-EO analysis capabilities help guide decisions by those who manage or develop EO systems, products, and services, and to users of these same products and services. From a national perspective, RCA-EO analyses provide a better understanding of Earth observing systems and their benefits to society, and can inform the development of more responsive and cost-effective Earth observing systems.

USGS Analysis Goals

  • Select requirements and the EO capabilities which can meet or partially meet those requirements
  • Identify the best capability to meet a requirement with a measure of how much better the best capability is than other capabilities
  • Compare requirements and capabilities to identify applicable EO system solutions and/or technology gaps
  • Analyze value tree information to identify how EO systems are supporting Federal needs
  • Support the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in developing USGEO Earth Observation Assessments to inform the National Plan for Civil Earth Observations
  • Support the triennial Earth Observation Assessment prescribed by the National Strategy for Civil Earth Observations.

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