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EORES Release 9.1.2 User Release Notes

EORES is a relational database system architecture that provides an integrated web-enabled tool for end users to store EO user requirements, value tree information, and EO system capabilities and performance information. End users can display, edit, browse, and maintain this information using a graphical user interface as well as export any data that are in the architecture.

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Feature Additions

  • None.

Bug Fixes

  • Special character (hyphens, blanks, ampersands, parentheses, etc) stripping has been removed from POH short names in MBW export for the End User.
  • Site names with characters invalid for MSExcel tab names (namely: forward/backward slash, asterisk, colon and left/right square bracket) will get those characters removed and a message showing the change is added to the log file and can be shown on the GUI by hovering over that status. Additionally, if any errors are thrown, the message is also logged and the job will be set to FAILED for the End User.



Web Services Impacts

  • None.

Compatibility may be impacted

  • None.