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September 28, 2006

PubTalk 9/2006 — Water Odysseys

Surface-water and ground-water flow in the Santa Clara Valley

by Randall T. Hanson, Research Hydrologist


  • What has deep drilling in the valley found about ground-water flow?
  • A new computer model improves our understanding of water-flow patterns
  • Learn how underground water makes the ground rise and fall
August 28, 2006

PubTalk 8/2006 — Hidden Faults Under Silicon Valley

Do new discoveries change our view of Santa Clara Valley earthquake hazards?

by R. D. Catchings, Geophysicist 

  • Seismic profiles have revealed the valley.s deep structure and previously unknown faults
  • Earthquakes and seismic reflection images suggest some reverse faults beneath the valley that are not seen at the surface
July 27, 2006

PubTalk 7/2006 — Uncovering Silicon Valley

Weaving a tale of three sedimentary basins

by Victoria E. Langenheim, Geophysicist


  • Geophysical probing reveals the geology under Santa Clara Valley
  • What does the new 3-D view tell us about the San Andreas fault system?
  • How does this affect earthquake hazards and ground-water resources?
  • Was the
June 29, 2006

PubTalk 6/2006 — Geology on Conveyor Belts

New ideas on Bay Area evolution from a decade of geologic mapping

By Russ Graymer, Geologist


  • What was the Bay Area like during the Age of Dinosaurs?
  • Learn about the distant origins of some rocks seen around the bay
  • Hear how the San Andreas fault system has rearranged the region.
  • Volcanoes in
May 25, 2006

PubTalk 5/2006 — What Lies Beneath?

Concealed sedimentary basins and hidden oil under Silicon Valley

By Richard G. Stanley, Geologist 


  • Before computers and cubicles there were orchards-- and a few oil wells, too
  • Learn about the "oil boom" in Los Gatos about 100 years ago
  • See how historical records from old oil wells, together with modern
April 27, 2006

PubTalk 4/2006 — California's Greatest Fault

How historical data from 1906 have shed light on the San Andreas Fault

By Carol S. Prentice, Geologist 


  • What insights are gained from merging original 1906 observations and field notes with today's earthquake science?
  • Data collected during and after the catastropic 1906 earthquake prove to be essential to-
March 30, 2006

PubTalk 3/2006 — The Great 1906 Earthquake

Lessons learned, lessons forgotten, and future directions in earthquake science

By Mary Lou Zoback, Seismologist (and Chair of the Steering Committee, 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance)

  • The 1906 California disaster taught us that--
    • the San Andreas Fault is a continuous feature extending nearly the length of the State
February 23, 2006

PubTalk 2/2006 — Science and Natural Resources along La Frontera

By Floyd Gray, Geologist

  • Natural systems-water, geology, and wildlife-tend to cross the 1,900- mile-long arbitrary political border between Mexico and the U.S.
  • Rapid population growth on the U.S. side and in Mexican border cities is creating a variety of environmental, ecological, and human health problems
  • The San Pedro River
January 26, 2006

PubTalk 1/2006 — Serving California's Needs


By George J. Saucedo and Keith L. Knudson, Geologists

  • Hear about the rich and productive 125-year history of the California Geological Survey (CGS)
  • Major emphases of CGS work are mapping
December 8, 2005

PubTalk 12/2005 — Frozen in Time

How Ice Cores Are Revealing the Composition and Temperature of Earth's Atmosphere During the Past Million Years

by Todd Hinkley, Geologist


  • Scientifically invaluable ice cores taken from Antarctic and Arctic ice are stored and safe guarded at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory, operated by the U.S. Geological Su rvey
November 17, 2005

PubTalk 11/2005 — Shifting Shoals and Shattered Rocks


by John Chin and Florence Wong, Geologists


  • San Francisco Bay is one of the world's finest natural harbors and a major center of maritime trade
  • All ships visiting bay ports are funneled through the central bay
  • Bedrock knobs that rise from the central
October 27, 2005

PubTalk 10/2005 – Earthquake Storms

The Very Long Reach of Very Large Earthquakes

by Susan Hough, Seismologist


  • How did the 1992 Landers quake in the remote Mojave Desert change scientists' thinking about earthquake sequences?
  • What is the explanation for "aftershocks" of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake reported in Arizona?
  • How do large