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November 20, 2014

PubTalk 11/2014 — Water, Nuts, and the Nation's Fruit Bowl

California's Central Valley Hydrologic Science

by Claudia Faunt, USGS Hydrologist


  • Using about 1% of U.S. farmland, California's Central Valley supplies 7% of the U.S. agricultural output (by value) -- 1/4 of the Nation's food, including about half of the Nation's fruits, nuts, and vegetables.
  • Approximately 20
October 30, 2014

PubTalk 10/2014 — Wolf and Elk Diseases in Yellowstone

by Paul Cross, USGS Research Wildlife Biologist


  • What can diseases of wildlife tell us about the emergence of human pandemics?
  • Why is a bacterial disease expanding to animals beyond the Greater Yellowstone area?
  • How are diseases affecting Yellowstone wolves?
September 25, 2014

PubTalk 8/2014 — Ground Shaking in '89 Loma Prieta Quake: 25 yrs later

by Brad Aagaard, USGS Research Geophysicist


  • What factors controlled the variability in ground shaking in the earthquake?
  • Will the ground shaking in future earthquakes display similar patterns?
  • Hear about the advances made in recording ground shaking over the past 25 years.
  • Learn how USGS uses this information
July 31, 2014

PubTalk 7/2014 — The Ecological Value of Coastal Fog

Cooling relief and nebulous forecasts for northern California

by Alicia Torregrosa, USGS Physical Scientist


  • Did you know:
  • The Moss Beach/Montara area north of Half Moon Bay is the foggiest place in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  • Summertime fog in northern California depends on ocean
June 26, 2014

PubTalk 6/2014 — Into the Abyss

Living Without Light

by Nancy Prouty, Research Oceanographer 


  • As archives of natural and human activities, deep-sea corals are windows to the past.
  • Scientific studies of these slow-growing and long-living animals lead to good stewardship for healthy ecosystems.
  • Deep-sea coral communities are
May 29, 2014

PubTalk 5/2014 — Endangered Desert Fish to Human Hepatitis E

The diversity of USGS fisheries research has wide ranging applications

by Jill Rolland, Western Fisheries Research Center Director 


  • Recovering Cutthroat Trout in California
  • River restoration and fish repopulation
  • Endangered suckers in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon
  • Using a fish virus as a model for
April 24, 2014

PubTalk 4/2014 — CATASTROPHIC Earthquakes In a Crowded World

by Thomas L. Holzer, USGS Research Geologist 


  • Why have there been so many catastrophic earthquakes at the beginning of the 21st century?
  • The history and future of earthquake death tolls, and the urbanization of the planet.
  • The modern megacity, and its vulnerability to natural hazards.
March 27, 2014

PubTalk 3/2014 — Preparing for California Climate Change

--Climatologists Look Back and Peer Forward

Dan Cayan, USGS Climate Change Researcher

  • Climatologists are using observational history, climate and earth system physics and computer modeling to develop plausible scenarios of California's changing climate.
  • How much will California's climate warm in future decades, and
February 24, 2014

PubTalk 2/2014 — 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami 50th Anniv.

By George Plafker, USGS Geologist Emeritus


  • March 27th, 1964, one of the most violent earthquakes of all time rocked southern Alaska.
  • More than 50,000 square miles of the state was tilted to new elevation, and the resulting property damage disrupted the state's economy.
  • Within 24 hours, a team of USGS geologists
Attribution: Region 11: Alaska
February 28, 2013

PubTalk 2/2013 — Is "THE IMPOSSIBLE" Possible in the Pacific Northwest

-- Coastal Community Tsunami Hazards and Risk

By Nathan Wood, Geographer


  • The movie "The Impossible", currently showing in theaters, portrays the destruction of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami
  • Recent tsunami disasters in the Pacific Ocean testify to their destructive power -- are similar events likely in the
January 24, 2013

PubTalk 1/2013 — Exploring the Earth's Crust

--Seismology Uncovers Hidden Secrets Beneath our Feet

By Walter Mooney, Geophysicist


  • During the past century, scientists have dissected the outer layer of our planet with bold scientific investigations revealing the deep properties of the Earth's crust
  • Scientific creativity has fostered innovation in field
December 13, 2012

PubTalk 12/2012 — Colorful South Pacific Species

--New Discoveries and Looming Threats

by Robert Fisher, Research Biologist


  • Exciting discoveries are spurring research to uncover hidden secrets deep within South Pacific tropical forests
  • A scientific expedition roaming the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea recently discovered a new species dubbed the "