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January 29, 2010

PubTalk 1/2010 — Coral Reefs, the 6th Extinction, and You

By Michael Field, Senior Marine Geologist


  • Five major episodes of biological extinction have occurred on Earth during geologic time -- what caused these extinctions and why are they relevant today?
  • Scientists are concerned that life on Earth may be facing a 6th major extinction, severely limiting the biodiversity of animals and
December 10, 2009

PubTalk 12/2009 — A New Generation of Maps

Topographic Maps for the 21st Century

by Mark DeMulder, Director of the National Geospatial Program


  • December 5 marks the 125th Anniversary of the popular USGS topographic map, used by engineers and surveyors, industry, academia, and outdoor enthusiasts for reliably accurate information
  • Starting December 3 the
November 19, 2009

PubTalk 11/2009 — Geohazards in the Aleutian Islands

Great Earthquakes, Great Waves, and Great Volcanic Explosions!

by Steve Kirby, Geophsicist, and Dave Scholl, Scientist Emeritus


  • The Aleutian Islands are discussed with respect to geology, climate change, and the fates of sediments produced by mountain building and glaciation
  • These islands, occupied by maritime
Attribution: Region 11: Alaska
October 29, 2009

PubTalk 10/2009 — Paddling for a Purpose in a Troubled Sea

Sampling the Salish Sea During Tribal Canoe Journeys

by Eric Grossman, USGS Tribal Journey Science Advisor


  • Deteriorating water quality in Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia is causing population declines in valued species such as salmon, orcas, and a number of sea birds
  • USGS scientists and the Coast Salish
September 24, 2009

PubTalk 9/2009 — Meeting the Challenge of the Loma Prieta Earthquake

by Jack Boatwright, USGS Seismologist

The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake ended decades of seismic tranquility in the San Francisco Bay region. It was considered then . as well as now . to be a wake-up call for the region to prepare for potentially even more devastating earthquakes. How well is the Bay Area prepared for the next large earthquake?

August 27, 2009

PubTalk 8/2009 — The Future of Geothermal Energy

a discussion of present opportunities and future challenges

by Colin F. Williams, USGS Geophysicist 

  • A new USGS assessment of our Nation.s geothermal resources identifies favorable areas for energy development
  • Can geothermal energy help satisfy the growing need for .clean. energy sources?
  • Seven western states
July 30, 2009

PubTalk 7/2009 — Restoring California's "Inland Sea"

Status of efforts to restore the Salton Sea

by Lee Case, Chief Scientist, USGS Salton Sea Science Office 


  • The Salton Sea is California's largest lake and has a surface elevation about 230 feet below sea level
  • The Salton Sea is a terminal lake - it has no outlets, inflows are principally from agricultural
June 25, 2009

PubTalk 6/2009 — Tracking Mercury from Ore to Organism

Mercury Cycling and Bioaccumulation In a Mine-Dominated Ecosystem

By Tom Suchanek, USGS Western Ecological Research Center


  • Nearly 300 abandoned mercury mines and prospects are found in the California Coast Range-- the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine at Clear Lake, CA is one of them
  • Clear Lake is one of the most
April 30, 2009

PubTalk 4/2009 — SOILS, CARBON, and Global exCHANGE

by Jennifer Harden, USGS Soil Scientist 


  • Studying Arctic Changes during the International Polar Year
  • Why soils aren't just for growing crops
  • What does carbon have to do with global weather and climate?
  • Balancing tradeoffs between the carbon cycle, econoic concerns, and the environment
  • Making choices
March 26, 2009

PubTalk 3/2009 — Can our Western Forests Take the Heat?!

Climatic change and the future of forests in the western United States

By Philip van Mantgem, Ecologist

  • Tree death rates have more than doubled over the last few decades in old-growth forests of our western states, possibly reflecting increasing temperatures, with potentially serious consequences for wildlife, fire risks, and
February 26, 2009

PubTalk 2/2009 — Petroleum in the Arctic

Geology, Climate, and National Interests

By Donald L. Gautier, Geologist


  • For better or worse, technological advances and diminishing opportunities elsewhere make the Arctic increasingly attractive to oil and gas exploration. Retreating polar ice, shifting ecosystems, and heightened development potential are vital issues to the
February 19, 2009

PubTalk 2/2009 — A lecture by Martha A. Sandweiss on her latest book

Passing Strange: A Gilded Age Tale of Love and Deception Across the Color Line"

By Martha Sandweiss, Princeton University


  • After leading one of the four great surveys of the western U.S., Clarence King was appointed to be the first Director of the U.S. Geological Survey in 1879. For thirteen years he lived a double