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Andrew C. Ziegler

.Welcome to Andy Ziegler's Profile.

Andy Ziegler became Director the USGS Kansas Water Science Center in 2010. Since 1985, when he started as a student hydrologic technician in Independence, Missouri, he has conducted numerous water-quality studies as a hydrologist, water-quality specialist, and Hydrologic Investigation Chief in Kansas  from 1994-2010. In the past 33 years, his studies and reports include acidic mine drainage, geochemistry, transport of agricultural chemicals in ground and surface water, aquifer storage and recovery, reservoir sediment and quality studies, algal toxins, and the use of real-time water quality monitors and statistical analysis to continuously compute constituent concentrations and loads.  Andy is an animated advocate in the national environmental monitoring community for the use of real-time water-quality monitors and statistical analysis to compute constituent concentrations and loads.