Clifford I Voss, Ph.D.


Dr. Clifford Voss is a USGS Emeritus Scientist with over 40 years of project management, implementation, field and research experience in groundwater systems. He deals with theoretical, field and practical issues in quantitative hydrogeology including: physics of subsurface fluids, computer model development and application to scientific evaluation of hydrogeologic systems, groundwater resources development and protection, coastal/island groundwater resources, subsurface energy production/storage, subsurface waste isolation, and cold-regions hydrology.

Dr. Voss is recognized as an international expert on groundwater modeling. He consults extensively on groundwater system evaluation and management, and lectures internationally on these and related subjects. The practical methodology and codes that Voss and his colleagues have developed (SUTRA and SutraSuite) are in standard use worldwide in subsurface assessment, aiding in quantity-quality management of groundwater resources and in evaluation of human impacts on the subsurface environment. These codes also allow development of a deeper understanding of important hydrogeologic processes.

His current interests involve: subsurface flow/transport in heterogeneous hydrogeologic media, cold-regions hydrology, development and application of practical methodology and subsurface hydrology simulation codes (SUTRA and SutraSuite) with freeze/thaw for study of ground-ice and permafrost in cold regions and associated code-benchmark development, flow and transport in variable-density subsurface fluids (seawater, brine, hot/cold groundwater), inverse modeling, network design, optimization of groundwater management, use of isotopes in characterizing subsurface systems, and the climate/ecology/society/water nexus.

Dr. Voss has conducted many crucial subsurface resource understanding and management studies, including: nuclear waste repository siting safety and performance (Sweden, Germany, Japan), coastal aquifer and seawater intrusion management (Hawaii USA, other USA, and worldwide), transboundary aquifer management (Nubian Aquifer of Egypt, Libya, Chad, Sudan); sustainability of arsenic-free groundwater supply (Bengal Delta Aquifer of India, Bangladesh); discovering the dynamics of cold-regions hydrologic systems (Canada, China, Greenland/Denmark, Sweden, USA).

Dr. Voss is Executive Editor of "Hydrogeology Journal" the official journal of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (since 1994).