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Colin Dundas, Ph.D.

Colin Dundas is a Research Geologist with the Astrogeology Science Center. He studies planetary geomorphology and surface processes using spacecraft imagery and topography data as well as numerical modeling, with a particular focus on active processes and change detection. He is a Co-Investigator and Science Theme Lead for Mass Wasting on the HiRISE camera team.

Past and current research areas include:

  • Current activity on Martian slopes, including Recurring Slope Lineae and changes in gullies
  • Martian ground ice, ice-exposing impact craters and scarps, and sublimation-thermokarst landforms
  • Large lava flows and lava-volatile interactions on Mars, Io, and Earth
  • Effects of target properties and secondary craters on crater chronology
  • Floods in Martian outflow channels
  • Volatile-loss landforms in the Solar System