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Collin D. Smith

I am a fish biologist with the WFRC Columbia River Research Laboratory. I joined the USGS in 2000, and my research has focused on Pacific salmon and dams in the Pacific Northwest. My expertise includes the use of imaging sonar systems to monitor abundances and behaviors of fish near collection and passage sites, as well as passage, migration, and survival of salmonids using acoustic telemetry.

Research Interests:

My research interests include the evaluation of dam passage and survival, development of fish passage options at high-head dams, reintroduction of salmon and steelhead to areas blocked by dams, and predation and behavioral studies near entrances to fish collection structures.  I am currently working on studies that evaluate the effects of tidal cycles on juvenile salmon and native fish survival, assessments of migration and survival of juvenile salmon, and developing methods to automate imaging sonar data processing.