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Cory Alexander Russell

Cory is an hydrologist with the Colorado Water Science Center

Cory started his career with the USGS in the Tulsa, OK field office after getting his degree in Environmental Science from the University of South Carolina. While at the Tulsa field office he worked as a hydrologic technician collecting both surface and groundwater data for over 2 years. This involved him running his own surface water field-trips and collecting both water quality and surface water flood measurements.

After a couple of years of collecting data and analyzing countless records he decided to transfer to the Studies section of the Oklahoma Texas Water Science Center in 2018 to pursue a career in groundwater modeling. Since then he has gone on to coordinate groundwater fieldwork, analyze surface-water/groundwater interactions, create the conceptual model and hydrogeologic framework for numerical models, and build MODFLOW numerical models. He was the project chief of the Boone and Roubidoux aquifers study, and was assisting with studies on the Rush Springs and Arbuckle-Simpson aquifers.

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