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Daniel McAuley



      Niagara University (NY), Sociology, 9/69-5/73 - B.A., 1973

      University of Maine, Orono, Wildlife Management, 1/74-12/75 - B.S., 1976

      University of Maine, Orono, Wildlife Management, 9/83-5/84 - M.S. 1986


      -Agricultural Biometrics, 3 semester hr, University of Maryland, 1981.          

      -Herbicides and Wildlife workshop (1/2 day), Maine Chapter TWS, 1990

      -Bio-diversity and Critical Areas workshop (1/2 day), Maine Chapter TWS, 1990

      -GIS workshop (1/2 day), Maine chapter TWS, 1991

      -Controlled Burning in Habitat Management (1/2 day), Maine chapter TWS, 1992

      -Data Analysis for Studies of Marked Birds, EURING 94 Conference, Sept. 19-24, 1994

      -Identification, Biology, and Ecology of Aquatic Flowering Plants, Eagle Hill Field    Research Station, Aug. 13-19, 1995

      -Structured Decision Making and Rapid Prototyping, NCTC, WVA September 13-17, 2010 


  • DATES: From July 6, 2008   To: Present.   Station Leader, Research Wildlife Biologist    Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Orono, ME.