Emmanuel Charles


I have been a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey since 1993. I grew up and worked on the family farm until I changed course and earned a B.A. in geology from Franklin and Marshall College and an M.S. in geology from Miami University. Before USGS, I worked for several hydrogeologic consulting firms and spent six years with the New Jersey Geological Survey. My work relates primarily to ground-water systems; numerical modeling, estimating recharge, the use of artificial neural-networks, and a variety of water-quality issues including those with detention basins.



M.S., Geology, 1989, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

B.A., Geology, 1984, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania



1993-present USGS, West Trenton, NJ, Hydrogeologist, Performed a wide range of project activities including: Developed four numerical ground-water models to assess ground-water flow regimes in southern New Jersey. Coordinated a variety of activities for a study of the occurrence, transport and fate of pollutants in the atmosphere, unsaturated zone, and unconfined-aquifer system in a coastal plain settting.  Prepared detailed basin-scale assessments of unconfined aquifer systems: hydrogeologic framework, water-table maps, streamflow and base-flow statistics, ground-water and surface water quality, and land-use, water-use and population trends.

1989-1993, New Jersey Geological Survey, Trenton, NJ, Principal Geologist, Developed a now widely-used empirical methodology to estimate ground-water recharge in New Jersey.

1987-1989, New Jersey Geological Survey, Trenton, NJ, Principal Geologist, Provided technical and regulatory support for ground-water pollution cases.

1987, STS Geotechnical Consultants, Lansing, Michigan, Part-time Assistant Geologist, Provided technical and consulting support for geotechnical and ground-water pollution cases.

1985-1986, Graduate assistant Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant for undergraduate geology courses and a graduate geology course.

1981-1984, Carlyle Gray & Associates, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Part-time Assistant Geologist, Office and field work for a variety of geological and environmental cases.


Other Publications:

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