Frederick J Spitz


Project Management

Over 25 years experience as a project manager with responsibilities including development or co-development of proposals, work plans, and budgets for many projects.  Other responsibilities include cooperator and colleague collaboration; technical work, advice, and review; and oral and written presentation of results.

Technical Experience

Over 25 years experience on computer modeling projects involving multidisciplinary water resource themes, as described below.  Participant in the Federal Research and Development Grade Evaluation System for over 15 years.

Water Quality Modeling

  • Eutrophication - Mohawk River/Erie Canal NY, Barnegat Bay NJ, Salem River NJ
  • Method development - linkage between hydrodynamic and water quality models of Barnegat Bay NJ

Surface Water Modeling

  • Flow routing - Passaic River Basin NY/NJ, Salem River NJ, Ramapo River NY/NJ
  • Constituent transport and mixing - Passaic River Basin NY/NJ, Salem River NJ
  • Hydraulic model review - selected tributaries to Nashua River MA
  • Basic understanding of hydrodynamic and watershed models

Ground Water Modeling

  • Effects and optimization of withdrawals - aquifers in NJ Water Supply Critical Areas 1 and 2
  • Surface-water/ground-water interaction - Ramapo River Basin NY/NJ
  • Method development - for improved delineation of wellhead protection areas in NJ
  • Saltwater encroachment - aquifers in Cape May County NJ


Surface water modeling (e.g., hydrodynamic) and water quality modeling.