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Jeff Wynn, PhD

Research geophysicist working on electrical imaging of volcanoes; mineral resource assessments in Central Asia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia; geologic mapping in Venezuela and Mexico; airborne 3D groundwater mapping; patents on oil pollution tracking in the deep ocean, below the seafloor, and river bottom Superfund sites; geophysical archaeological prospection, and asteroid impact physics.

Jeff Wynn has served as vice president for R&D of Zonge International, and in several rotational management positions in the USGS. These include Chief of the Office of Geochemistry & Geophysics, Chief of the Venezuelan Guayana & Amazonas Exploration Mission ("Jefe del Grupo Asesor"), where he was a U.S. State Department diplomat and first author of the first complete geologic map of southern Venezuela, and co-published the first full mineral resource assessment for the roadless southern half of Venezuela. Wynn also served for four years as the Deputy Chief for Science and Chief of the USGS Saudi Arabian Mission, before becoming the Chief Scientist for Volcano Hazards in the USGS. He has taught as an adjunct professor of geophysics at the University of Maryland and The George Washington University. In 2002-2003 he served as the President of the Environmental & Engineering Geophysical Society, and has been awarded three patents (a 4th pending) on ocean geophysics and Superfund site pollution mapping. He developed and published a technology to map groundwater in three dimensions from the air, and earned a DOI Meritorious Service Award for science and diplomatic leadership in Venezuela. In 1998 the International Astronomical Union named a Mars-crossing Phocaea asteroid "9564 Jeffwynn" for him. 


Professional Experience

  • 1972-1975: Vice President for R&D, Zonge Engineering, Tucson, AZ

  • 1975-Present: Research scientist and science manager with the US Geological Survey

  • 1987-1995: Science Diplomat with the US State Department (Venezuela and Saudi Arabia)

  • 2002-2003: President, Environmental & Engineering Geophysical Society

  • 2012-Present: Associate Editor of Exploration Geophysics (Australia, Japan, Korea)

Education and Certifications

  • PhD, Geoscience and Electrical Engineering, University of Arizona, 1974

  • University of Maryland Medical School Advanced Trauma Life Support Certification, 1988

  • Advanced Open-Water SCUBA Certification (PADI), 1989

  • Alumnus, Federal Executive Institute, Leadership for a Democratic Society (Class 324), 2006-2007

  • FCC General-Class Radio License, 2021

Affiliations and Memberships*

  • American Geophysical Union, since 1971

  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists, since 1971

  • Environmental & Engineering Geophysical Society, since 1995

  • American Jujitsu Association, since 1998 (Vice President since 2012)

  • Vancouver Institute of Self Defense, Sensei/Shihan, since 2004

Honors and Awards

  • Dept of Interior Meritorious Service Award, for "Excellence in Scientific Leadership and Management" 1994

  • The International Astronomical Union named a Mars-crossing Phocaea Asteroid "9564 Jeffwynn" in 1998

  • 7th Degree Blackbelt, Budoshin Jujitsu, 2020

Abstracts and Presentations

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  • 17. Sidder, G.B., Acosta, E., Brooks,, W.E., Contreras, G., Day, W.C., Earhart, R.L., Estanga, Y., Franco, L., Garcia, A., Guerra, A., Ludington, S., Marcano, I., Marsh, S.P., Martinez, F., Nuñez, F., Page, N.J., Quintana, E., Rivero, I., Sanchez, H., and Wynn, J.C., 1988, Preliminary mineral resource evaluation of the Guayana Shield, Bolívar State, Venezuela: Abstracts with Programs, 1988 GSA

  • 50 more presentations through 2018.

Science and Products

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