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Jena Huntington

Jena Huntington is the Studies Chief in the Northern Nevada Hydrologic Studies Unit.

Jena Huntington started her hydrology career with the U.S. Geological Survey constructing and calibrating groundwater models. Her work since has included basin water budgets, groundwater flow, evapotranspiration, geothermal and basin-fill aquifer connectivity, groundwater quality at the local, basin, and regional scales, and localized surface water quality. Jena's experience sampling groundwater quality has lead her to join the national groundwater quality instructors team where she helps teach water quality field methods.

Media Highlights

  • Nevada Wells Test Positive for Polonium: Geotimes Article
  • Nevada Division of Forestry works to eliminate wildfire risk: Nevada Appeal Article
  • Agencies Prepare Forest to Withstand Wildfire: 2News TV Interview


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