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Jenny White McKee

Captain and Marine Technician on the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center Marine Facility team (PCMSC MarFac), providing science support for PCMSC since 2010.

As Captain, I ensure the safety of personnel, vessel and equipment aboard the 36’ research vessel (R/V) Parke Snavely, 26’ R/V San Lorenzo, and various other small boats. As Marine Technician on ocean-going ships, I coordinate and oversee the deployment of various equipment including sediment coring, instrument platforms, and high pressure sound sources. Projects have taken me the full length of the US West Coast as well at the Arctic, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico aboard R/V USCGC Healy, R/V Marcus G. Langseth, R/V Pelican, R/V Hugh R. Sharp, R/V Endeavor, and R/V Bold Horizon