Jonathan Caine


Jonathan Saul Caine is a Research Geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.  His work is focused on characterization of fault zones, fracture networks, and fluid flow in the Earth’s upper crust.  He combines structural geology, hydrogeology, detailed field studies and geologic mapping to characterize fault zone architecture and permeability structure; fault rock textures, deformation mechanisms, and seismogenic signatures of faults and fault rocks; conduct direct fault rock dating; and fault and fracture network related fluid flow as it pertains to mineral deposits, hydrocarbon migration, earthquakes, groundwater supply, environmental geochemistry of hydrothermally altered and complexly deformed crystalline-rock aquifer systems, particularly in alpine watersheds.  Caine also works closely with graduate students and colleagues at the University of Colorado (Boulder), Utah State University, Colorado State University, and the Colorado School of Mines.  He received his B.A and M.A. in Geology from S.U.N.Y, New Paltz (1986 and 1991) and his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Utah (1999) with concentration in Structural Geology and Hydrogeology.  Caine's work has been conducted in the northeastern Appalachains, the Basin and Range, east Greenland, the southern Rocky Mountains, the Rio Grande rift, Alaska, and Yukon. 

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