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Joseph D Schmitt, PhD

I am a Research Fisheries Biologist at the Lake Erie Biological Station. I have wide research interests including food web interactions, invasion ecology, and conservation biology.

I began working at the Great Lakes Science Center as a Pathways Intern in 2017, and was converted to full time in 2018. Most of my previous research was limited to inland reservoirs (Oklahoma), large estuaries (Chesapeake Bay), or marine environments (Gulf of Maine). Lake Erie has been interesting, as it is a dynamic and complex system that is susceptible to large-scale harmful algal blooms in the west basin and widespread hypoxia/anoxia in the central basin. I am currently exploring how these phenomena, along with warming lake temperatures, will affect oxythermal habitat for coldwater species, like burbot, whitefish, and lake trout, moving forward. I am also exploring long term trends in the feeding ecology of percids in Lake Erie. I include my educational background and my work from previous positions below.

Education and Certifications

  • 2018 - Ph.D. Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech

  • 2012 - M.S. Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology, Oklahoma State University

  • 2009 - B.S. Biology, summa cum laude, Christopher Newport University

Science and Products

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