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October 13, 2023

Annual American Fishery Society meeting presentations

Many GLSC scientists participated in the August 2023 American Fisheries Society (AFS) annual meeting August 20-24, 2023, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. GLSC led at least two symposia on “Great Lakes connecting waters” and the “biology and management of lampreys in a rapidly changing landscape.” GLSC scientists coauthored or delivered more than 25 oral presentations, listed below.  

In addition, GLSC’s Dr. Robin L. DeBruyne (Ann Arbor, Michigan) was presented with the 2023 AFS Habitat Section Rising Star Award during the meeting. She was recognized for her leadership and technical support provided to several fish habitat restoration projects in the Great Lakes basin, her high level of scholarly productivity (more than 35 peer reviewed publications), professional service, and mentorship of graduate students and young professionals. The Rising Star Award recognizes the outstanding early-career contributions of students and early professionals in the field of fish habitat conservation. 

  • Amidon, Z. R. DeBruyne, C.M. Mayer, E.F. Roseman, and A.L. Sakas. 2023. Larval Lake Whitefish zooplankton consumption in spatially variable zooplankton densities. Oral presentation. 
  • Brown, R.E., C.M. Mayer, S. Qian, C.D Hilling, J.J. Roberts. 2023. Electrofishing Grass Carp spawning grounds in the Sandusky River is associated with lower egg captures. Oral presentation. 
  • Buchinger, T.J., N.S. Johnson, W. Li, Potential for post-copulatory reproductive isolation via sperm chemosensation in lampreys.  Oral Presentation 
  • Chiotti, J., Z. Amidon, R. DeBruyne, J.L. Fischer, D. Gorsky, P. Kohn, J. Markham, C. Olds, S. Provo, E.F. Roseman, and W. Stott. 2023. Identifying and characterizing Lake Whitefish spawning habitat in Lake Erie. Oral presentation. 
  • Dawson, K., B. Michaels, and M. Lowe. 2023. Comparative Evaluation of Lake Whitefish Nursery Habitat in Keweenaw Bay, Lake Superior. Oral Presentation.   
  • DeBruyne, R., Roseman, E. Great Lakes Connecting Waters: Research, Monitoring, and Progress. Symposium Lead. 
  • DeBruyne, R., S. Provo, S. Chong, S. Ireland, S. Blower, and E.F. Roseman. 2023. St. Marys River Ichthyoplankton Community Composition During 2022 Lake Huron CSMI Survey. Oral presentation. 
  • Dittman D., M. Chalupnicki, P. Randall, J. Wyatt, K. Morton, E. Zollweg-Horan, M. Sanderson. 2023.  A Restoration Saga: Return of Lake Sturgeon to the Genesee River, NY. Oral presentation. 
  • Fong, S., K. Scribner, N.S. Johnson, J. Robinson, Evaluating supplemental Sea Lamprey controls in the Great Lakes using genomics. Oral Presentation 
  • Gaskell, E., T. Funnell, C. Holbrook, D. Hondorp, and X. Tan. 2023. Detection efficiency of an unmanned surface vehicle as a mobile receiver platform. Oral Presentation. 
  • Hilling, C.D., J.J. Roberts, R.E. Brown, C.M. Mayer, S. Qian, P.R. Jackson. 2023. Did the El Niño Southern Oscillations create a perfect storm for Laurentian Great Lakes Grass Carp recruitment? Oral Presentation. 
  • Hug, J, D. Hanson, K. Bruening, J. Synnott, R. Miller, B. Smith, S.E. Wells, A.J. Arnold, S. Pecoraro, P.C. Esselman, J. Dobosenski, and M. Herbert. 2023. Evaluation of reef spawning habitat for native fish in northern Green Bay. Poster presentation. 
  • Hume, J., Johnson, N.S., Docker, M. Biology and management of lampreys in a rapidly changing landscape.  Symposium Lead.   
  • Ireland, S., M. Angelosanto, E. Eberly, R. DeBruyne, L.Eaton, S. Provo, D. Bowser, and E.F. Roseman. 2023. Egg Deposition on Constructed Reefs in the St. Clair-Detroit River System. Oral presentation. 
  • J. Hoekwater, K. Robinson, K. Keeler, S. Ang, R. Tingley, D. Hondorp, J. Janssen, M. Kornis, B. Weidel. Competition between Round Goby and Slimy Sculpin in a Laboratory Setting. Oral Presentation. 
  • Johnson, N.S., G. Bravener, F. Neave, B. Morrison, S. Lewandoski, L. Criger, P. Hrodey, A. Jubar, T. Sullivan, M. Symbal, J. Tews, T. Brenden, M. Jones, J. Robinson, K. Scribner, M. Siefkes. Deploy and evaluate Sea Lamprey controls that supplement lampricides and barriers. Oral Presentation 
  • K. Keeler, C. Madenjian, L. Grivicich, P. Haver, R. Gordon, D. Tillitt, J. Rinchard. Egg thiamine concentrations in lake trout and hatched fry from the northern refuge of Lake Michigan. Poster Presentation. 
  • Keretz, K., R.T. Kraus, J.D. Schmitt, C.D. Hilling. 2023. Impact of Freshwater Drum on Lake Erie dreissenid populations. Oral Presentation. 
  • Landry, A.J., C.D. Hilling, J.J. Roberts, E. Stegens, R.E Brown, S. Qian, C.M. Mayer. 2023. Larval fish drift phenology provides insights for Great Lakes Grass Carp management. Oral Presentation. 
  • Lewandoski, S., Brenden, T. 2023. A Novel Modeling Framework for Quantifying Riverine Fish Population Dynamics. Oral Presentation. 
  • M. Simonson, D. Bunnell, C. Madenjian, K. Keeler, J. Schmitt. Comparison of Allopatric Cisco (Coregonus artedi) Aerobic Scope and Acute Thermal Tolerance. Oral Presentation. 
  • N. Berry, D. Bunnell, E. Overholt, T. Hook, K. Keeler, R. Lepak, S. Pothoven, J. Hoffman, P. Dieter, L. Warren, A. Zeisler, C. Williamson. Heterogeneity of UV-exposure drives spatial abundance and vertical depth of larval fish. Oral Presentation.  
  • O’Kane, C., J. Robinson, N.S. Johnson, K. Scribner, W. Li, J. Kanefsky, T. Bruning. Blocking primer development for molecular diet analysis of Sea Lamprey. Oral Presentation 
  • Roseman, E.F., L. Eaton, R. DeBruyne, M. Angelosanto, R. Young, and D. Bowser. 2023. Lake Sturgeon early life history research in the St. Clair-Detroit Rivers system. Oral presentation. 
  • Roth, B.M., Kierczynski, K., Byford, G., Sawecki, J., Kornis, M., Bronte, C., Jonas, J., Turschak, B., Leonhardt, B.S., O'Keefe, D., Donner, K., Happel, A., Hӧӧk, T., Bootsma, H., and Czesny, S. 2023. Spatial patterns in Lake Michigan piscivore diets from 2015-2021. Oral Presentation. 
  • Scott, A.M., N.S. Johnson, M.J. Siefkes, W. Li. Pheromone behavioral antagonists disrupt attraction and spawning of invasive Sea Lamprey.   Oral Presentation 
  • Searcy, T., N.S. Johnson, J. Hume. The influence of temperature and food source on the growth of wild-caught larval Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the laboratory.  Oral Presentation 
  • VanDrunen, S., E.F. Roseman, R. DeBruyne, M.R. Dufour, A. Moerke, T.J. Calappi, K. McDonnell, H.F. Harrington, and B.S. Gerig. 2023. Larval Fish Export in Response to Varying Compensating Gate Discharge at the Sault Rapids, St. Marys. Oral presentation. 

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