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Julie A Herrick

Julie Herrick is a Geophysicist with the Earthquake Hazards Program.

Professional Experience

  • Geophysicist, USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center (2022–Present)

  • Geologist, USGS Denver Scientific Publishing Network (2014–2022)

  • Volcanologist, Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program (2011–2014)

  • Peace Corps Volunteer, Sector de Salud y Ambiental en la Comarca Chiriquí de Panamá (2007–2009)

Education and Certifications

  • Michigan Technological University

  • Boston University

  • Smith College

Abstracts and Presentations

  • Herrick, J.A., and Langseth, M.L. (2019) USGS expanding access to geospatial publications, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Calif., 9–13 Dec. 2019.

  • Yong, A., McPhillips, D., Herrick, J., and Dozal, J. (2018) An updated compilation of VS30 in the United States, SCEC Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, Calif., 7 Aug. 2018.

  • Iwahashi, J.; Yamazaki, D.; Herrick, J.A.; Yong, A.; Matsuoka, M.; and Mital, U. (2018) Development of terrain classifications using DEMs and the relation with VS30 for each terrain type, AGU Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C., 10–14 Dec. 2018.

  • Yong, A.; Cochran, E.S.; Herrick, J.A.; Andrews, J.R.; and Yu, E. (2017) Using VS30 to estimate station ML adjustments (dML), AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, La., 11–15 Dec. 2017.

  • Iwahashi, J.; Yamazaki, D.; Matsuoka, M.; Thamarux, P.; Herrick, J.A.; Yong, A.; and Mital, U. (2017) Global terrain classification using Multiple-Error-Removed Improved-Terrain (MERIT) to address susceptibility of landslides and other geohazards, AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, La., 11–15 Dec. 2017.

  • Herrick, J.A.; De Angelis, S.; and Toscano, M.A. (2017) Provenance of floating pumice in the Caribbean—Big data and hierarchical clustering, IAVCEI, Portland, Ore., USA, 14–18 Aug. 2017.

  • Herrick, J.A., and Hess, A.J. (2017) From the field to publication—Integration of GIS throughout the mapping process, USGS Denver, Digital Mapping Techniques workshop, Minneapolis, Minn., May 21–24, 2017: Minneapolis, Minn., Minnesota Geological Survey.

  • Herrick, J.A., Hosseini, M., and Yong, A. (2017) Comparing earthquake-based P-wave and traditional array-based methods for obtaining VS30, in Abstracts for Poster Presentations at 2017 Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colo., April 17–19, Seismological Research Letters.

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