Leslie F (Jingle) Ruppert

Leslie (Jingle) Ruppert is a Supervisory Research Geologist with the USGS Eastern Energy Resources Science Center in Reston, VA.


Jingle joined the USGS in 1979 and has worked on investigations of the mineralogy, geochemistry, and geology of coal, coal assessments, coal-bed gas, coal combustion products, and methodology development for the assessment of geologic carbon dioxide sequestration. She has been a project chief for over 25 years. Her current project is Geochemistry of Energy Fuels and she conducts research on improving our understanding of fluid flow through low and high permeable continuous reservoirs using neutron scattering techniques, the stimulation of biogenic natural gas in un-mineable coal beds, statistical methods to improve interpretation of compositional data, and the use of coal as an indicator of potentially economic mineral deposits.


  • M.S. Geology, George Washington University, 1984
  • B.S. Geology, the George Washington University, 1979