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Lindsey A. Bruckerhoff, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader - Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Before joining the OK Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit as an Assistant Unit Leader in 2021, Dr. Bruckerhoff received her MS from the University of Arkansas, PhD from Kansas State University, and was a postdoctoral researcher at Utah State University. The primary theme of Dr. Bruckerhoff's research is using community ecology to inform the conservation and management of freshwater systems. Her research applies concepts from community ecology, population biology, and landscape ecology. Dr. Bruckerhoff's research aims to understand how anthropogenic stressors at multiple spatial and temporal scales interact to drive community structure and function in aquatic systems. Much of her research also aims to understand the role of biotic interactions, especially with non-native species, in driving population and community change across landscape gradients.   Dr. Bruckerhoff uses a wide variety of tools, including comparative field studies, experiments in the field and laboratory, and simulation modeling. She works in a variety of systems including prairie, desert, and  forested streams and rivers.  Her teaching interests include community ecology, multivariate analyses, and stream ecology. 

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Unit Leader, Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, 2021-

Education and Certifications

  • PhD, Kansas State University, 2016

  • MS, University of Arkansas, 2013

  • BS, Missouri State University, 2008

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