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Martha K Watt

Martha K. Watt is a hydrologist at the New Jersey Water Science Center (NJWSC) and is currently funded by the WMA Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division, Model Support Branch, to assist groundwater modelers with navigation of the Open Data Policy and WMA archiving policy to release their model archives to the public. 

From 2003-2016 she was the project chief of the NJWSC Model Maintenance Program which archives, maintains, updates, and shares groundwater flow models completed in the NJWSC.  This ongoing program was started in 1995 and since that time 25 New Jersey models have been checked, validated, and archived.  The models are posted to the NJWSC webpage where they are available to the public.  Martha has and continues, to standardize the checking and archiving process and to support the groundwater projects within the NJWSC.  Her work on a variety of groundwater modeling studies has provided the experience needed to assist groundwater modelers with the public release of their model archives.