Marybeth Brey, Ph.D.

I'm a research fish biologist with interests in fish movement and passage, invasive species management and ecology, and freshwater food web dynamics.



  • Ph.D. 2012  North Carolina State University, Zoology
  • M.S.  2006  Eastern Illinois University, Biological Sciences
  • B.S.   2004  Central Michigan University, Biology

Originally from the U.P. of Michigan, I've always been interested in fisheries and freshwater; however, my interests center around the impacts of invasive species on freshwater ecosystems. I have experience working on ecosystem models and aquatic food webs, particually related to the impacts of invasive fishes. For the past five years, I've conducted research on the movement dynamics of invasive Asian carps, both with Southern Illinois University (postdoc) and with the USGS, here in La Crosse, WI.  I joined the USGS in 2015 and am currently responsible for conducting research related to movement dynamics of invasive Asian carps in the Illinois River and conducting all studies related to the use of underwater sound to deter invasive fishes in collaboration with the USACE-ERDC, USGS-CERC, and Univeristy of Minnesota-Duluth.