Micelis C Doyle


Micelis Clyde Doyle


US Geological Survey                    
Oregon Water Science Center             
2130 SW 5th Ave

Portland, OR 97201
(503) 251-3226  




Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

     Graduate Certificate in Hydrology; 2013


Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon

 Post-Baccalaureate Courses: Calculus 251, 252, and 253; General Physics 201, 202, 203;

   1993-1994, 1997-1998


Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

      B.S. in Anthropology; 1991


U.S. Geological Survey Professional Training, National Training Center, Denver, Colorado

     Water-Quality Field Methods Refresher, Spring 2007

     Guidelines for the Operation and Computation of Continuous Water-Quality Monitors:

     Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Spring 2004

     Field Water-Quality Methods for Ground Water and Surface Water, Spring 1999

     Quality Control Sample Design and Interpretation, Fall 1998

     Ground-Water/Surface-Water Relationships, Spring 1997

     Aquatic Chemistry, Winter 1996

     Ground-Water Principles, Spring 1994

     Water-Quality Principles, Fall 1993

     Sediment Data-Collection Techniques, Fall 1992




Hydrologic Technician, U. S. Geological Survey: Oregon Water Science Center (OWSC),Portland, Oregon, 1990-Current


  • Provide input in the development of hydrologic research projects, assist in establishing budgets, and communicate with current project cooperators for water-quality studies within the Environmental Quality Section of the OWSC
  • Develop, research, and follow effective and innovative research methodologies, saving staff time and project funds
  • Serve as Project Chief, organizing research projects, hiring project personnel, and assisting in the coordination of water-quality based research projects
  • Recognized for communication skills, organization, and ability to work effectively and collaboratively on research teams involving multiple colleagues, cooperators, and community partners
  • Fabricate, modify and operate sediment-oxygen demand (SOD) chambers and associated hydrologic data-collection instrumentation for SOD studies conducted inOregon, California and St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Write, research, and publish reports, based on field research projects
  • Install, program, monitor, and repair water-quality research instrumentation.
  • Collect water, sediment, fish, and aquatic insect samples for lab analysis based on changing protocols, according to specific project objectives
  • Selected for special research project deployments in Northern California in cooperation with the USGS California District and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board of California; similar detail with the USGS Caribbean District in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Serve as Lead Technician for the Willamette Basin National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) and Columbia Basin National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN) projects in the OWSC
  • Oversee quality-control/quality-assurance (QA/QC) program for interlab comparisons of nutrient standards for Tualatin Basin water-quality study in cooperation with Clean Water Services Water Quality Laboratory in Washington County, OR
  • QA/QC, calibration/maintenance and troubleshooting of real-time water-quality field-data collection monitors on the main-stem Tualatin and Clackamas Rivers



  • Water-quality and hydrologic streamflow modeling
  • Theoretical and field studies involving water-quality issues
  • Dynamics of streamflow chemistry and associated ecological communities
  • Surface-water/ground-water interaction



Co-Instructor: Portland State University, Geology Department, Portland, Oregon, Spring 2008.

  • Water quality portion of the Geology Field Methods Course (GEO 485)


Adjunct Faculty: Portland State University, Center for Science Education Department, Portland, Oregon, 2003-2004.

  • Co-instructed Capstone course “Pharmaceuticals in the Environment”  


Instructor: Water Resources Technician Training Program, Bureau of Indian Affairs at theCispus Center, Randle, Washington, 1994 – 1996




November, 2008 - U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) Star Award for a “Superior” rating of overall Employee Performance Appraisal for fiscal year 2008


December, 2007 - U.S. DOI Star Award for serving as Lead Technician for data-collection and data-collection coordination on the Willamette Basin NAWQA Project


November, 2006 - U.S. DOI Star Award for successful operation and calibration of continuous-water-quality monitors on the Clackamas and Tualatin Rivers


January 2006 - U.S. DOI Award for a “Superior” rating for overall Employee Performance Appraisal for fiscal year 2005


August 2004 - U.S. DOI Star Award for assisting in hiring, organizing and training efforts of project personnel involved in the collection, maintenance and QA/QC of continuous-water-quality monitoring data on Upper Klamath Lake in Klamath Falls, OR


August, 2003 - U.S. DOI Star Award for serving as Project Chief on a Sediment Oxygen Demand study of Lake Ewuana and the upper Klamath River


August, 2002 - U.S. DOI Star Award for assisting on a dye study to determine time-of-travel during low and high-flow periods on the Willamette and Long Tom Rivers


July, 2001 - U.S. DOI Star Award for leadership and successfully substituting for Project Chief in data collection for a storm-sampling project on Fanno Creek


July, 2000 - U.S. DOI Star Award for outstanding contributions as a core member of the Columbia Basin NASQAN sampling program


June, 2000 - U.S. DOI Star Award for organization and coordination of fieldwork activities during a spring storm-water runoff event to assess pesticide contamination in the lowerClackamas River Basin


September, 1999 - U.S. DOI Star Award for logistical coordination and organization of fieldwork activities for the measurement of Sediment Oxygen Demand in Upper Klamath Lake




Oregon Representative to the U.S. Geological Survey Western Region Technicians Advisory Committee, 2000-2003

  • Appointed Committee Chairperson for regional committee responsible for representing, addressing, and improving employee development opportunities, personnel issues, and the interests of Hydrologic Technicians within the U.S. Geological Surveys’ nine Western Region States (AK, WA, HI, OR, CA, NV, UT, ID, AZ) 

Hydrologic Technician representative on the U.S. Geological Survey Scientific and Technical Employee Development Committee, 2003-2006 

  • Represented Hydrologic Technicians’ interests on committee that provided the leadership, guidance, and design for a coordinated scientific and technical employee development program for Water Resources Discipline staff nationwide








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