Michelle Hornberger, PhD


U.C. Davis (Ph.D): Ecology

Moss Landing Marine Labs (M.S.): Marine Ecology

U.C. Santa Barbara (B.A.): Environmental Studies/Geology

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Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., Johnson, M.L., and Holyoak, M. 2009. Influence of remediation in a mine-impacted river: metal trends over large spatial and temporal scalesEcological Applications, 19:1522-1535. [Download File]

Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., Cain, D.J., Parchaso, F., Brown, C.L., Bouse, R.M., Wellise, C., and Thompson, J. 2000. Linkage of bioaccumulation and biological effects to changes in pollutant loads in South San Francisco BayEnvironmental Science and Technology,34:2401-2409. [Download File]

Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., van Geen, A., Fuller, C., and Anima, R. 1999. Historical trends of metals in the sediments of San Francisco Bay, CaliforniaMarine Chemistry, 64:39-55. [Download File]