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Rebecca B Carvin

Rebecca Carvin is a Physical Scientist with the Upper Midwest Water Science Center.

Rebecca Carvin earned a B.S. in Environmental Geology from Beloit College, WI, and an M.S. in Water Resources Management (Hydrology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She began her career with the USGS in 2006 as a hydrologic technician for the nonpoint studies team working on the Upper Pecatonica River Wisconsin Buffer Initiative pilot Project (WBI). In 2008 she finished her master’s thesis on the WBI and started as a physical scientist for the Survey. Now on the Water Quality Networks and Assessments team, she contributes to studies in stream water quality in urban and agricultural watersheds.


  • Great Lakes Water Authority – Regional Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • Edge-of-field monitoring: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)
  • Long-term calibration of Source Loading and Management Model (SLAMM) for the State of Wisconsin