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Richard T Kraus, PhD

My current position is with the Great Lakes Science Center, at Lake Erie Biological Station in Huron, OH. In addition to my role as a Research Fishery Biologist at the center, I am also the station supervisor and responsible for managing station personnel and activities on our large research vessel, the R/V Muskie, which is dedicated to research on Lake Erie.

My research is primarily aimed at understanding the consequences of migration and habitat use to population dynamics, species interactions, and resource management. I apply a wide range of methods to inform management decisions on the conservation and rehabilitation of native species. My work typically involves interagency collaboration with US state and federal agencies, Canadian provincial and federal partners, and academics, as defined by legislative mandates (e.g., Great Lakes Fishery Research Authorization Act) and Memoranda of Understanding with the Great Lakes Council of Lake Committees. We work together on key issues to advance our understanding of interjurisdictional fishes with complex life cycles for the benefit of stakeholders and the public.


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