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Samuel Heller

Samuel Heller is a geophysicist, who processes marine and land seismic data and has a strong background in tomography, advanced migration, earth model building, anisotropy, AVO, noise attenuation, geometry and statics. 

His expertise includes processing 2D and 3D data in both time and depth domains. Projects include processing and analyzing data from Law of the Sea, Geologic CO2 Assessment, GLIMPCE and Alaska Petroleum Resources projects.


• Geophysics- reflection seismic processing and earth model building in both time and depth domains for 2D and 3D data in localities including offshore and onshore Alaska, onshore Texas, offshore Angola, Atlantic Coast, U.S. Gulf Coast and other U.S. onshore basins
• Global and Regional Seismology- earthquake location, identification and discrimination, geostatistical applications
• GIS- various geohazards projects utilizing ArcView and ArcGIS
• Geothermal assessment implementing interferometry (InSAR)
• Carbon dating- prepared and processed samples
• Seismic programs- Petrel, Omega, Reveal, Seisan, SAC, LocOO, KBCIT, Matseis (Matlab), HypoInverse
• UNIX/Linux scripting- C-Shell, Bash, AWK and GMT
• Programming- C++, Java and Python
• Oracle database management (PL/SQL, SQLplus)