Sonia Ellison

Student Intern, she/her, Geologic Hazards Science Center


Sonia Ellison joined the team at the USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center in Golden, CO, in May 2020. She is working with the earthquake and ground failure hazards teams. Current projects include generating historical earthquake-triggered ground failure inventories, and updating the earthquake ShakeMap Atlas with newly available data.

Sonia's Master's research lies in a different field of geology, using zircon geochronology to investigate tectonic provenence. Ongoing research examines rocks in the Avalon (composite) terrane of SE New England.

Sonia's passion for geology comes from extensive field experience and love of the outdoors, and an ongoing desire to learn and explore different areas of the field of geology.



In progress: Colorado School of Mines, M.S., Geology

2014: University of Minnesota, Morris, B.A., Geology major, Mathematics minor


2017-2018: Senior Field Technician, Minnesota Geological Survey